Karmacloud is the brainchild of Rumle Langdal, Linnéa Lundgren, and Danny Forde, three charismatic songwriters from Denmark, Sweden and Ireland. With shared musical passions and complementary interests, they have crafted a wealth of original songs around the theme of the common human experience. The music is alive, acoustic, and honest, with delicate three part harmony singing, gripping dynamics and imaginative lyrics.

Rumle, Linnéa and Danny met in Autumn 2012 at the musical melting pot, Berklee College of Music in Boston. Starting out with small recording sessions, they quickly found their uniquely blended sound and took it to the stages at Berklee and beyond to venues throughout Boston. 

Following from the success of their arresting live performances, Karmacloud recorded their debut EP in June 2013 (see here) and went on a Europe tour in August the same year to promote it. 

In 2014 concerts were played along with work on new material that will be released in 2015.