Sunday, May 19, 2013

Recording session with Karmacloud!

Today we were 4 hours in the cozy studio The Record Company in Boston. We wanted to record three tunes, but as studio time often is very pressed we only had time to record two of our tunes. It's always nice to come to a studio and have good and fast technicians by your side. Feri and his crew helped us out with all setting up and the technical parts, such as pressing the rec-button and make sure that we have sound (something that sounds a lot easier than it is!)

I was super sick, constantly coughing, but Dan and Rumle were so nice and in good moods so I felt more than happy to be there with them. Here are some pics from the session! Hope you like them!

// Linnéa, Karmacloud

Dan totally feels the vibe

Karmacloud with Feri and Matthew who helped us record the tunes!