Monday, April 1, 2013

When I'm Old

Check out our new video 'When I'm Old'  filmed at the IFH in Boston.

Rumle Sieling Langdal
Dan Forde
Avery Ballotta
Linnéa Lundgren
Max Riddle
Allison De Groot
Patrick M'Gonigle
Raphael Lehnen
Amit Cohen

Production by Luke Goh


I would like to be a masterpiece made from stars
I could even go as far as to say; made on planet mars

I could swarm around the mountains and the trees
could be understood
I could warm my bones inside a hive of bees
don't you think I could?

I know the world is nothing but
what I make of it
But oftentimes I'm loosing all control
Tell me how you're winging it 
you seem to be in charge
Or maybe I will know when I am old